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"Cater Chiropractic has been a wonderful experience through out my life. I’m in my 40’s now but have been through many mishaps from falling to car accidents and each time I recover so wonderfully with their expert care, advice and help. The Chiropractors there, Dr. Kimble, Dr. Greg and Dr. Gemma are always so compassionate and understanding. Go, give them a try, you’ll find when mishaps come along in life, you’ll always find a friend who cares and ‘really’ can help."

- Patrycia P. – Customer since 2011

"I liked the way that I was treating upon arrival, all the way up to my departure. They made me feel comfortable as they took scans, x-rays, and did my adjustments. I was able to speak with the doctor every step of the way with regards to issues he was seeing and ways that I might be able to correct them, both with adjustments and simple exercises on my own. I can’t wait to get back for my follow-up appointment."

- Julie L. – Customer Since 2014

"Always a great experience when I come into the office. It’s a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by people who care about you and your well being. Thank you."

- Jessica S. – Customer Since 2011

"I am totally comfortable with the professionalism of the doctor’s and the staff."

- Hubert G. – Customer Since 2013

"The front desk reception is friendly and professional. The doctor is approachable and makes it easy to communicate. The treatment in the past has been effective, which is why I have returned, and will be returning in the future. I feel comfortable recommending them to my friends and acquaintances."

- Becky V. – Customer Since 2013

"First time there — Great place! They took me in right away, I felt Dr. Cater was very thorough in diagnosing. I’ve been feeling great ever since."

- Christy H. – Customer Since 2013

"I enter with pain and leave feeling great. Very professional and the staff know what they are doing. Highly recommend!"

- Alfredo L. – Customer Since 2013

"As always Dr. Greg Cater and his staff are very professional. He took a great deal of time working with me for this latest back issue. I have always had great results when he worked on me in the past and am confident he will help me through this new challenge."

- Aaron W. – Customer Since 2000

"I have received treatments at Cater Chiropractic for a few years now and I continue to feel well taken care of. The quality of service has remained at the top level one should expect."

- Michael B. – Customer Since 2007

"It was a new but rewarding experience. I never had any idea that I had an issue with my spine and my neck until I had an evaluation. The staff is very accommodating. My chiropractor was very considerate and sensitive to my needs."

- Maria Arminda L. – Customer Since 2013

"I had been in pain and discomfort for as long as I could remember. I would go to the doctor but I didn’t want medications that would hurt other parts of my body in the long run. The pain was constant I couldn’t sleep and it finally became unbearable and told a friend of mine who recommended Cater office. After first visit the improvement was immediate, a good nights sleep and a whole new me! Thank you!I won’t ever miss my appointments!"

- Anonymous – Verified Customer

"Cater Chiropractic does a great job in all facets of operation. They are very knowledgeable and are excellent at administering chiropractic services. Dr. Kim was great in telling me what the problems were and what he could and could not do to help me. I appreciate a doctor that just tells me what they can and can’t do so that everything is clear to me. In addition, the staff does a great job taking care of all of the non-chiropractic services. Everyone at Cater Chiropractic helpful and friendly."

- Brynjar P. – Customer Since 2012

"We appreciate the excellent care we have received from Cater Chiropractic. Both Dr. Greg and Dr. Kim have great knowledge, care and concern for their patients."

- Donald D. – Customer Since 1996

"I love Cater Chiropractic. Everybody is very nice. I can always get an appointment when I need it. Even when I have had questions regarding billing, they have quickly answered my questions and provided me with information I needed to follow up with my insurance. Dr. Kimble is the best."

- Teresa R. – Customer Since 2008

"My son has ADHD and we have tried everything! Someone mentioned chiropractic to me so I thought I’d give it a try. Within the first week I noticed a great change. I’m completely astonished. And will continue taking my son."

- Anonymous – Verified Customer

"Excellent service, friendly and knowledgeable staff."

- Leticia G. – Customer Since 2012

"After suffering for years with recurring neck pain, I am now pain free. I had seen other chiropractors before, but only got temporary relief. Dr. Cater is knowledgeable and professional, and doesn’t push additional services to drive up the bill."

- Terry F. – Customer Since 2010

"I’ve been going to Dr.Cater treatments for nearly two years and I am happy to do so. Used to have a moderate soreness in my lower back, which is much better and helpful to my daily life (treatment for 1-2 times per month). Plus personnel are very friendly when you are there."

- Jose A. – Customer Since 2010

"Cater Chiropractic are simply the best. I’ve been a patient for over 10 yrs and will continue with them."

- Denis L. – Customer Since 2005

"Cater Chiropractic is always available to assist me in getting back to my good health. I take the supplements they have and with the therapy and adjustments I receive at the office I am able to keep my busy schedule. Thank you Cater Chiropractic!"

- Tisha H. – Customer Since 2007

"I’ve searched around for a good Chiropractic office and finally found one. First, the doctors are professional and know what they are doing. Neither has made a claim of something beyond the bounds of their practice (healing cancer, etc like other offices I’ve seen). Second, they were able to accurately find and treat my back problem. Seriously, I went from curled up on the floor to full motion. Still need to continue seeing them but I’m now back to functional. The staff is quite nice and the therapy helps after the treatment. The billing was a tad slow for my insurance (which is why I am giving four stars). Highly recommended."

- Bob M. – Salinas, CA

"I never believed in Chiropractic care, however I feel confident that this office is going to make a BIG difference. First the service is out of this world they treat you like family and they know what they are doing. after a few visits I am already feeling better. it is not painful at all. the office is very professional and spotless I am planning on taking my 9 year old to get adjusted as well. Great job guys. Highly recommend!!!!"

- Saucedo P. – Salinas, CA

"After my recent car accident I used the reviews on yelp to help me decide which Chiropractor I would see. When I called to make an appointment I was able to get in the same day. I can honestly say I don’t regret coming here. When I arrived to cater chiropractor the receptionist was very professional and friendly. I was most surprised when she stood out of her chair to introduce her self and welcome me to the practice. The physician near the counter did the same and I automatically felt welcomed. After filling out paper work they showed me a brief introductory video which was very helpful since I’ve never been seen by a Chiropractor. My overall experience with the staff and physicians was more then I expected. I’m rating this facility 5stars but in reality i would give it 10 if I could 🙂 I would definitely recommend this facility to everyone. Stop searching and just give them a call."

- Daisy U. – Salinas, CA

"Friendly office staff. They know what they are doing. Doctors are kind and really care. Started seeing them when I was pregnant in 2007 and continue to receive their care on an as needed basis. Both doctors are great. They take walk-ins which is great for my busy and unpredictable schedule."

- Cecilia M. – Salinas, CA

"I have been coming to Cater Chiropractic on and off for many years and can recommend them highly, with no reservations. I get excellent caring treatment, easy appointments, no billing hassles. All the doctors and staff are excellent. When I had serious back problems they helped me and now I just go for the occasional flare up. They will provide whatever you need and no pressure, except where needed for adjustments."

- Bob R. – Salinas, CA

"Had a very good experience! Friendly staff and doctor! Doctor was very knowledgeable about his work and I was confident in his abilities. He was very thorough and I appreciated that. He worked very much like my former chiropractor and I have been looking for someone like him and it has been hard to find one! So glad I did!"

- Ginger McElwain

"I came in without appointment with neck pain for several days and we began treatment within 30 minutes to be followed with another session thank you for relief!"

- Lenora Shaw

"I have moved out of the area, but still see Dr. Kim for treatment when I visit. I always feel better after he treats me. The office staff is professional and courteous."

- Judy Silguero

"Very professional, and at the same time personal in manner and discussions. Dr. K listens and makes is a fun time. I feel that he has my best interest at heart. Thanks!"

- Michael B. – Salinas, CA

"I have been an ongoing patient for the last 4 or so years, and when I show up, the staff is always pleasant and fun to talk to. Dr. K is wonderful, taking care of me beyond “the box”. I appreciate his dedicated service and keeping me on board when issues with WC seem difficult. My last visit was the first in months, and I felt so much better when I left."

- Michael B. – Salinas, CA

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